How to block ransomware with Internet security

The recent ransomware attacks proved that we are not safe on the web; ransomware is a type of malware that makes user’s documents or files unusable. In this type of attack, attackers force the users to pay the money through online payment mode after which attackers may grant the user access to their files.

In ransomware attack, attackers will encrypt the files of the victim that cannot be decrypted by using any decryption method or tool. If you have any queries or you are in the same situation, then immediately call us on toll-free 0808-169-3104 AVG customer care number.

How ransomware encrypts your data?

Ransomware attackers can attack businesses, home users, and public sector. There is ransomware variant namely CryptoLocker that encrypts the files of users or often deletes the real copy of the file and then it demands ransom from the users via the specifically noted method.

Generally, a ransomware can infect your PC if the user clicks on any infected links, infected email attachments, visit a legitimate website that has been infected or if the user installs an infected app from third-party app store.

How to prevent your PC from ransomware:

Here are some easy steps that can help you to protect your PC or network from ransomware:

• The user must install internet security software that will protect them from any variants of ransomware and prevent their files to being encrypted. Installing effective internet security software also keeps watch on inbound communication or scans them to keep ransomware or other malware away from user’s network. For detailed information and guidance about Internet security, call us at 08081693104 AVG customer service number.

• Perform a regular backup of your crucial data on your PC as well as on the server.
• Be careful about what you are clicking, the user must avoid opening suspicious attachments as well as emails.
• If you have found any signs of ransomware attack on your PC, immediately isolate that infected computer from your network.

These are some steps that user can follow to safeguard their network from any malicious cyber attack and to keep their data secure from such cyber destruction.

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