Why Should One Install AVG Antivirus for System Security?

We all know how important it is to get an antivirus installed on the PC for its security. But for so many reasons people avoid to get an antivirus installed on their device. Some say that antivirus installation will hamper their system performance, while other makes the excuse of its high cost, but what if I say that now you can get thorough malware protection through AVG antivirus for free. Yes, I am not joking! AVG Free Antivirus program is definitely a good choice for every computer user. There are so many reasons why one should go for this antivirus program.

• The software is compatible with almost every version of Windows from Windows XP (Service pack 3) to Windows 10.
• It is a good malware protection with features like file shredder.
• It can scan email attachments and keep your inbox away from phishing websites.
• It is capable of blocking potentially unwanted apps from being installed.
• AVG Free Antivirus doesn’t consume a lot of system resource.

I think you will find every possible reason to install the software on your PC. The benefits that an AVG user gets are endless. We are trying to merge up some of them here.

• AVG has potential to detect 99% of malwares and other threats like Keyloggers.
• It can work well even with other antivirus programs.
• The software places the infected file in quarantine so that they can’t be opened.
• It has a low false positive rate which means that maximum of the threats will be detected by it.
• No other free antivirus program offers shredder. With the help of shredder, you can completely erase item or folders.
• In fact, it can run system performance scan which will let you know about outdated software and weak passwords.
• You can use it to scan even USB drives.
• This free software includes password protector.
• It has a passive mode, which allows you to run it as a backup antivirus program.

As now you know about its benefits as well then why not install it on your device. To install AVG Antivirus free, you can follow the given steps:

• Download AVG Free Antivirus from AVG website.
• Run the installation file.
• Read and accept the license agreement. Then select for a free license.
• Let the AVG get installed and once the installation gets complete please restart your system.

You can contact AVG Helpline Number UK if in case you have any query related to the product. Your all queries will be answered here and even you can get the solution for stubborn AVG errors.

Get AVG Quick Service UK Toll Free : +44-808-169-3104