What Are The Steps To Use And Stop AVG Command Line Scan?

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Have you ever heard of AVG command line scanning, that has been granted users to run antivirus scans from the command prompt or customized scripts. Command line scan has projected the features that are available in the graphical interface. You should have applied to certain security software in order to fight against the impurities that are being affecting your system premises. You can use and stop AVG command line scan by following the below procedure:

• As the first step, you need to select the AVG scan for one either for windows 32 bit or 64 bit.
• And then, enter the command prompt as soon as possible.
• Thereafter, click on window start and try to run the program.
• Now, you need to type cmd and press enter.
• You know what, your AVG installation directory is usually C: Program FilesAVGAVG8.
• Now, it becomes mandatory to SCAN to specify which area of the computer should be scanned.
• And to begin the scan, you need to press enter and during scanning you can stop the process by Ctrl+C or Ctrl+pause.

Following the above procedure will help you make your AVG Antivirus more working. Hope, now you can use and stop the AVG command line scan successfully. But there are chances, that at this stage too, you can encounter several technical difficulties that are not under your control. In such situation, you are suggested to take help from the well experienced tech supporters who are to be chosen for best support. You just need to dial at AVG Customer Support Number and rest will be taken care by the proficient tech professionals present there. You just need to discuss your issue with them and they will provide instant support to you on the spot.

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