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Different AVG Products for Different Security Needs

We all use the internet in a different manner and we all work in a different environment, some of us use the computer for their work while others use it for their personal task. Thus, we all have different security needs. Taking this into consideration, AVG engineers have created different software for different users. If you are a home user and don’t keep much of your personal and financial information on your computer then AVG Free antivirus can be good enough for you. But for business or the corporate world, we always suggest people to go for paid versions. The paid version comes with some advanced features and services which will only enhance your security and make internet world safer. Let us have a look at some products offered by AVG as per your needs.

AVG Free Antivirus: This software offers more than much other third-party paid antivirus software. With time the software is getting even better. You can use this tool for both malware and performance issue. It will prevent your computer from malicious downloads before they could reach your computer. It is capable of blocking unsafe links, downloads and email attachments. The real-time security updates and friendly user interface make it people’s choice. All in all, you get the basic protection that you require in the online world through this.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition: As the name suggests, it is specially meant to fulfill your business security needs. It keeps your network safe in real-time. The software comes with its own firewall that can protect you against online threats that can enter your PC through internet. It checks the webpage before they open in your browser and in case it finds anything suspicious then it will block that link. Moreover, the software comes with cloud-based Real-time outbreak detection and Proactive AIl detection.

AVG File Server Business Edition: It is Windows server security software that can fulfill all security needs of a small business. Its network virus scanner keeps your customer and business data safe from all sorts of malware and virus attacks. Hackers and malware won’t be able to seek into your computer and disrupt your operation. The advanced smart scanner never sleeps and always keeps scanning your system so that nothing can harm your files and data.

AVG Unlimited: There are two different software programs in this category. One is Internet Security Unlimited and another one is Tune-up Unlimited. Internet security unlimited version offers new Ransom ware protection, Webcam protection, enhanced firewall and AI-based real-time threat detection and removal. Whereas AVG Tune-up takes care of your PC performance by clearing junk data and improving the battery life of your system.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition: This security software protects your business Endpoint, emails and network from ransomware, spam, phishing and more. This software is designed for small business and it features its own Firewall, Cyber Capture, Link scanner, Online Shield, Network antivirus and many such features. If you have this software installed in your system then your identity, data and transactions are completely safe. There is no better software in the market for your business protection.

AVG Antivirus for Mobile: Like your computer, your mobile phone also needs to be protected. The World has become really small with the invention of mobile phones. Now we all user internet over the phone, send emails, keep our data and images stored in mobiles and so on. Thus, you need a mobile security that can keep your mobile phone safe from virus and malware attacks. Luckily, AVG has launched its own mobile version as well. Install it now and stay carefree while using internet over mobile.

AVG PC Tune-up Business Edition: As you keep using your computer, its hard disk starts getting filled from unwanted download and program, from junk and cache files etc. These things fill up your system space and make it really slow. But AVG PC Tune-up Business Edition speeds up your computer and clears up all the junk and unwanted files and program. Moreover, it even powers up your business PCs. This is the best tool to boost up your system performance.

AVG Safe Surf: As the name suggests, this software lets the user safely search over the internet. No matter whether you are using your private network, a public Wi-Fi or an unsecured network, if you have this software installed in your PC then you can enjoy surfing without any risk or threat.

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