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Choose the security cover that works best for you

AVG is a name that have established a great position in the antivirus segment with the service it has provided till now. No matter what type of virus it is or how much it can infect your device when you have AVG installed in it you need not to worry about the viral attacks. From years this antivirus provider have prevented number of devices from viral attacks and now, it has come up with a new strategy to face the viruses. Let us take a glance of those:

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AVG AntiVirus Business Edition: This amazing software has introduced an edition that is efficient in providing complete security to your business. This version of AVG helps you protecting the network system of your company from the virus, worm, Trojans, spyware, malware and rootkits in the cyberspace. It prevents the information of cloud base in real time. This AVG version checks all the every clicked web pages to keep check on suspicious activities and provides online shield to your business network. This version is known for providing overall protection cover.

AVG File Server Edition: This edition of AVG fiercely guards all the data in your server preventing it from all hacking attacks. This antivirus also performs well in detecting and removing rootkits. Like all the AVG versions this version also performs well for the people who use it. It has smart scanner built in it in order to shorten the scan time. All the features in this AVG version are designed in a way that who-so-ever will use it will get benefit from it.

AVG Antivirus Ultimate: When it is about getting all in one protection with one subscriptions AVG antivirus Ultimate is the option you should go with. By launching this version AVG have introduced overall protection under one umbrella. A person using thei version of Antivirus gets get complete protection from viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits as well as phishing software. Those who are still thinking about getting an antivirus should go with this.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition: For all the people who wants to secure their business data from viral attacks this quick to install and easy to useversion is introduced. With this antivirus version you get malware protection as well as the freedom of trouble free surfing for all your employees. It also ensures you data privacy and its protection. This edition updates automatically and is efficient in protecting your email servers.

AVG Antivirus for Mobile: In present era everthing is rotating around technology and so we are becoming addicted to our phones for all our works. Starting from social media to emails everything we do, we use our mobiles for that and so it is needed to safeguard our mobile from viruses. As the use of mobile has increased the danger of mobile infection has also increased and so AVG has launched this mobile version for all its users.

AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition: This AVG edition helps you to keep your system optimized always. This version removes all redundant files with routine maintenance. The all new Dashboard introduced in this version gives you the sophisticated way to manage your system processes.Those who have used this AVG version are found really impressed with the way it works.

AVG Safe Surf: This software is preferred by most of the people using antivirus as it provides them safe surfing. It works for you even when you use public Wi-Fi’s or unsecured network. By getting this antivirus installed you can enjoy surfing websites securely and privately.

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